July 6–9, 2017 • Hyatt Regency McCormick Place • Chicago, IL



Students: You can be the bridge to Socialism 2017 at your school!

We need your help to build this conference—

The world is in crisis and the number of youth and students looking for socialist politics and lasting organization has never been greater. Millions have demonstrated in defense of women’s rights, refugees, immigrants, and Muslims over the last month alone. To get as many of you to the conference as possible, we are offering you 50% off registration.

You are not the only one—

If you plaster your campus with posters and brochures for Socialism 2017 and help sign students up for our announcements mailing list, you will find other students who think that a socialist movement that stands against war, tyranny, oppression, and exploitation is the main thing this country needs. Don’t hesitate!—email us today to get the materials you need to organize and get answers about how to build at your school: info@socialismconference.org